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Brighten up Your Landscape with Lighting

Now that you have the lawn, irrigation system, and landscape you've dreamed about, why not show it off?  A landscape lighting system from Irrigation M.D. will allow you to do just that! In addition, it will bring you:

 • Safety & Security—It will light the perimeter of your house and property to discourage potential intruders or vandals.
 • Beauty—It will elegantly accentuate the beauty of your landscape and home.
 • Increase the Value of Your Home—With a beautiful landscape, lighting designs increase the value of your home up to 25%.

New Lighting Designs
Irrigation M.D. proudly features FX Lighting, a leading manufacturer of professional quality landscape lighting materials. We offer a full line of path lights, accent lights, spotlights, well lights, and deck lights to illuminate every lighting need. You also receive transformers, so that your entire lighting system is fully automatic. The transformer allows you to set a programmed time for the lights to turn on and off or you can choose to have them operate whenever it is dark outside.

The Power of New Lighting
A custom-designed lighting system enriches the appearance of any property, and we work closely with you to create the ideal system for your home or business. Our experience with various installation techniques and our understanding of lighting capabilities help us to design and install the system that best suits your individual needs.

Exterior Lightings, Lighting Design in Onalaska, WI
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